Life, Interrupted

“Be unprepared, that’s my motto. Let life surprise you.”― Marty Rubin

One of my favorite topics of discussion is communication; it’s benefits and pitfalls, and how it sometimes goes by the wayside when we’re pressed for time or exhausted by the demands of everyday life.

Point in case: this blog. I’ve not posted anything recently because life has gotten in the way, as it tends to do. This month has been full of surprises and insanely busy. It’s also been immeasurably precious, and given the opportunity, I’d spend my hours in exactly the same way a thousand times over.

But I’m digressing. What I really want to tell you is that I’ve been turning the topic of communication over in my mind this week, trying to decide what I’d like to talk about. Today, I came across an idea—fallacies in communication— that is perfect for discussion. I think you’ll find it interesting. (If I ever get my act together and actually write about it, that is.)

Also, although I haven’t produced anything for the blog, I HAVE been writing. I did a follow-up article for Forbes that discussed the extended ramifications of the pay gap; what it means not just for women, but also for families and the economy as a whole. The research and statistics are startling, as is the idea that at the current incremental rate of improvement, it will be 86 years before the wage numbers finally equalize.

I’d love it if you’d link over and have a read. It’s an important subject.–how-to-solve-the-crisis/#4df8a6b444aa

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